Income Tax Returns – Year Ending 30 June 2022

June 15, 2022 2:48 pm

Do you need help preparing your Income Tax Return? We are happy to assist! 

STEP 1 – Decide how you would like to provide us with your information.
  • Book an appointment (in the office, via phone or Zoom) – Phone 9226 2039
  • Drop your documents into our office – this can be done anytime during  business hours if you don’t need to speak to your Accountant.
  • Upload information to our Client Portal* –  Here is the link to log in to the document hub (our Accountants Practice ID is DESB0003).
  • Email documents – contact your usual Accountant or email

Please be aware that information from the ATO will not be available until late July so it is unlikely that we would be able to lodge your return prior to that.

STEP 2 – Information to provide ( and what we already have access to)
  • This checklist will help you ensure that you have everything you need for your appointment or to send to your Accountant – What to Provide 2022.
  • Each year we require our clients to complete an annual Engagement Form, this is to meet with regulations set by our governing body. Access this form here – S&W Engagement Form 2022
  • Proof of identity – Our governing body also now requires us to check some photo ID for each client as a once off. If we have not checked your ID in 2021, please note that we may be required to do so this year.
  • If you have not used our services before, we will also require you to complete a new client form. Links below:

*Note: If you would like to use the Client Portal but have never used it before, please contact us and we will create your login for you.